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How I’ve grown my business: Jamie Waller, founder of Just

Growthbusiness.co.uk|January 10, 2020

Jamie Waller has made millions from growing and selling businesses. Here he talks about what drives him and why you have to dig deep as an entrepreneur

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We Visit TV Bailiff Jamie Waller At Home

Metro|March 19, 2019

Whether it is the desk he commissioned Neil Jones to create or the bespoke chairs he designed on the back of an envelope, almost everything in Jamie Waller’s Buckinghamshire house is down to his personal vision.  

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Book Reviews: Unsexy Business & Family Business

smallbusiness.co.uk|February 18, 2019

If you want to know how to succeed in business and how to protect your family business it makes sense to discover what people who have succeeded in business and come from a family one suggest

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Behold the power of the index fund

Spears Wealth Management|May 04, 2018

With Blackrock CEO Larry Fink warning against the perceived complacency of index funds, Spears Wealth Management asks Jamie Waller for his expert opinion.

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Q&A with angel investor Jamie Waller

The Times|April 29, 2018

Every week we talk to a business angel, one of the early-stage investors who collectively inject £1.5bn a year into British start-up companies

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School of Management alumni awards

Cranfield School of Management|March 28, 2018

Jamie wins the School of Management Entrepreneur Alumnus of the Year award from Cranfield University.

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Dropout to billionaire: is graduating essential?

CEO Today|March 01, 2018

Is a university degree an advantage in the business world? Jamie shares his experience of becoming a millionaire after leaving school at 16 and the value of the education he received later in life.

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Watch out – a recession is coming

Business Matters|February 23, 2018

Are we heading for a recession? Jamie Waller thinks that we are. Read why in his first column of 2018 for Business Matters.

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Appreciating unsexy business

Real Business|February 16, 2018

Having cut his teeth in the debt collection world and then moving into finance, Jamie Waller knows a thing or to about the more under-appreciated industries operating in the UK.

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Jamie Waller announces a new investment

The Times|January 22, 2018

Jamie announces half a million pound investment in WeBuyCarsToday, the UK’s most trusted car buying company.

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3 Top tips for selling a business

Cranfield School of Management|January 10, 2018

Jamie Waller shares his top tips for selling a business with the Cranfield School of Management.

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Interview: Jamie talks to Metro

Metro|December 06, 2017

Entrepreneur Jamie Waller on working in demolition and how drinking wine in a helicopter was the inspiration behind one of his latest investments.

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