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Jamie Waller talks


Interview: Jamie talks to Metro

Metro|December 06, 2017

Entrepreneur Jamie Waller on working in demolition and how drinking wine in a helicopter was the inspiration behind one of his latest investments.

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Why the tech bubble must burst

Business Leader|December 06, 2017

Jamie Waller shares insight into why he believes the tech bubble must burst and why investing in unsexy business is the answer.

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Building a business empire

smallbusiness.co.uk|December 01, 2017

From school dropout to business empire: first-hand tips from Jamie Waller, CEO and founder of Firestarters.

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Firestarters: Supporting ‘Unsexy’ Business

BBC News|October 05, 2017

How Firestarters supports ‘unsexy’ businesses, providing not only a financial investment, but time and experience as well.

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The importance of storytelling

Financial Times|July 21, 2017

Jamie Waller joins the Financial Times to give his insight into the importance of storytelling to entrepreneurship.

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Angels beware, the bailiff is coming to start a fire

The Times|May 24, 2017

Jamie Waller launches the Firestarters: an open-to-all investment fund with a drawdown facility of £13m.

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Fintech firm valued at £9m five months after launch

Credit Strategy|February 01, 2017

Hito, a collections technology company, valued at more than £9m following its buy-out by Outsourcing Inc.

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The global outsourcing group, OUTSOURCING Inc. acquires JBW GROUP

CreditMan|April 01, 2016

OUTSOURCING Inc. acquires JBW Group (“JBW”) and its sister company Case Dynamics in a deal that valued the businesses at over £24m.

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Entrepreneurs mix study
 and networking

Financial Times|February 28, 2016

Jamie Waller on his journey from leaving school with no qualifications to becoming a leader of multiple fast-growing companies.

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First Person: Jamie Waller

Financial Times|June 03, 2011

Jamie Waller on the dangers he faced as a bailiff and how this impacted his relationship with the debt industry.

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Student gap years: ‘Make money and move on’

The Guardian|August 21, 2010

Jamie Waller’s advice on starting a business whilst travelling: “Do it, it’s great fun. Countries like the US and Australia are crying out for enterprising people.”

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