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Firestarters is an investment campaign that is focused on helping entrepreneurs and businesses that may otherwise be overlooked.

An open-to-all opportunity, through which Jamie offers both a financial and personal investment.

Jamie is focused on finding businesses and people that have what it takes to succeed: energy, determination and grit (a Firestarter mentality).  Potential Firestarters don’t need the next Facebook idea, nor an MBA or degree. What Jamie is looking for, is in the people themselves: their attitude and desire to succeed. Jamie has built and sold multiple companies and gained invaluable experience throughout his career. Through Firestarters, he hopes to share his knowledge, helping others realise their own vision of success.

Keen to forge fair and balanced relationships with the right people, Jamie asks that you meet the following criteria before applying:


Applications are open to early stage businesses that have been trading for at least one year.


The turnover of your business must exceed £500k.


Your business must be owned by you and not have external investors.

Stage 1

Initial Application

A set of online questions and criteria checks to establish an understanding of your business and requirements.

Stage 2

Online Presentation

An online management presentation where you will present an overview of your business and share the proposal of how your investment will be used.

Stage 3

Investment Discussion

If your presentation is a success, Jamie and his team will visit you to discuss the construction of a possible investment.

Stage 4

Cash Release and Partnership Begins

Upon both parties being happy with the investment proposal, the partnership will begin.

If Jamie invests in you, you could see your picture displayed here: apply today.